Non Profit Organizations

Project description

The SunTrust Foundation created the Lighting The Way Award Show, an end of the year celebration commemorating 36 non profits around the country on thier impactful work in the community. These special non profits receive recognition in the form of a grant and other donations from the foundation. These donations would be presented to each Non Profit at an award show held in Atlanta. The Plug Marketing team was commissioned to travel to all 36 non profit sites and capture the essence of the businesses, and how the SunTrust Foundation can help them support the communities they serve.

"We truly appreciated all of your hard work, creativity, and professionalism. We heard from many of our nonprofit organizations that you were wonderful to work with and we thank you for representing us so well. The videos were just amazing and provided that “human emotion” to the evening."

-Cari Campbell, SunTrust Foundation First Vice President

The needs of the project resulting in a total of 41 videos, filmed and edited within a duration of 4 months of the project start date. 4 videos were created along with graphics for each philanthropic award category. Each Non Profit organization(36) received their own promotional video to enhance their communication platform. 1 Final video was created for the Alumni Award winner, a receipent of last years LTW Award.

Project Details

  • Clients: SunTrust Foundation
  • Date: 2019
  • Duration: 4 Months
  • Budget: N/A
  • Category: Film, Photography, Editing

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