The Plug Marketing is a web design and digital marketing company. We digitally develop brands with strategies aligned with your business goals. We integrate these strategies with current technologies and other facets of life giving your brand the spark you need. Let us drive you down the road to success.

Digital Living

At The Plug, we refer to all aspects of digital influence, activities and interactions as Digital Living.


Telling stories, invoking imaginations and inspiring your product market, 1 design at a time.


Real time interaction with real people that compells actions is how its used, so lets show you how to speak social.


Bringing consumers together with brands to begin building brand loyalty and relationships that foster sales.

We build brands through innovation guided by strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives.

01. Design

Design with an End Game Strategy, Design with Award Wining Creative, Designed for your audience. Designed to Perform. Designed for Results.

02. Digital Living

Connecting technology and the consumer for real world application. Let us help your brand deliver to your consumers via the technology that works for your market.

03. web design

Web Design is our middle name. Building websites on wordpress, html or basic website builders, The Plug Marketing can provide your digital business with the face it needs to capture its clients and promote action. Act now to bring your business ideas to digital life.



We consult, strategise & design the connections with your customer that lasts a lifetime.

Discover. Understand the situation.

Brand affinity? Who are my Customers? Where are they? The knowledge to equip yourself with the right tools will make every project go smoother.

Strategise. Chart the course.

Objectives. Message. Advertising. Design. The knowledge to equip yourself with the right plan will always yield project success.


Web design

A Digital Location


Social Media

Relevant Cause for Action


Digital Marketing

Selling Branded Products and Services



Impactful and Memorable

our team

We are a fun mix of designers and strategists with a great passion for all things creative. We love what we do, it's a way of life.

We grow brands by making decisions that are rooted in business strategy.


Be Noble, Stay Humble and always in Pursuit of your Dreams.

Allen Spruill

Founder and CEO


Creativity is style with no limits.

Khristef Mosby

Chief Creative Officer


Design is Life.

Rotimi Martins

Chief Art Officer


An event is easy if you see my closet.

Josie Hernandez

Senior Account Executive

Creatives, Inovators, thinkers, clever developers and marketers.

Left Brains

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our blog

We are proud to share some of our upcoming work and accomplishments. As well as teach you a thing or two about digital marketing and desgin. This is where we give back to the people.

How to build a a brand from the ground up!
Every 3rd Saturday, Next: August 20 /  By The Plug

The Plug offers a workshop for those that have big dreams and big ideas. The typical entrepreneur has 1,001 ideas they feel are ready to take to market. This class offers you the ability to learn more about presenting a polished product in order to fulfill your dreams. You will also benefit from networking with several other fire-starters and business generators as we share business ideas and build these ideas into profitable business models. The Plug believes in enriching the community with as much fertile soil as possible, networking and building a foundation of trust through relevant interaction and fellowship. This workshop is the best for the price, providing insights on business strategy, marketing strategy, business modeling and revenue generation.

$99 per class participant. Class 3 Hours Long. 2 Classes per day. 9-12 & 1-4. Win a Free Logo! Valued @ $500.

more details coming soon
How to buid a website for FREE!
Every 4th Saturday, Next August 27  /  By The Plug

The Plug Marketing is offering a workshop on website building. We are offereing a comprehensive course on the ends & outs of website building, site builders, paying for a site vs. developing one yourself and a ton of other topics. The goal of this course is to provide every single aspiriing entrepenuer with the opportunity to develop a comprehensive website without breaking the bank. Having once being a startup, we know the extreme benefit to quality help in all avenues of business, so we are here to help. Having developed at least 100 websites, including the company site, we have extensive experience in site building and building brands through digital mediums.

$59 per class participant. Class 3 Hours Long. 2 Classes per day. 9-12 & 1-4. Win a Free Logo! Valued @ $500.

more details
China Candy Couture
August 2016  /  By The Plug

China Renee, aka China Candy Couture, has been a client of The Plug almost since inception of the company. Her brand has been building throughout the years and recently, she has seen a massive shift in her marketability. China has been exceeding expectations with all her sponosrships and store sales. She attributes a lot of her success to her ability to ALWAYS have fresh innovative content so her fans see her consistently and remain engaged with her brand. This has attributed to a lot of opportunities as her audience is engaging, supporting, and have buying power. Lookout for China Renee on some upcoming TV shows as we begin to expand her brand even more.

more details
Youtube Black
June 2016  /  The Plug

The Plug Marketing had a great experience in Los Angeles for the YouTube Black initiative. We sincerely appreciate YouTube for recognizing our work, and inviting us as one of their influential cureators. The Plug continues to strive for excellence in the YouTube arena, collaborating with beauty Gurus and bridging the gap between brands to build more subscribers and widen fan base. We have more collaborations on the way with some big YouTube Channels so stay tuned to see our creative genius at work.

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